How safe are you?

Police will begin a two-week weapon surrender in England and wales today following the success from previous amnesties. With Colchester’s crime rate rising, the news has been given a warm welcome.

The incentive of not being charged for possession will hopefully see an increased number of weapons surrendered compared to 2016’s surrender. Last year over 6,000 weapons were handed into the police.

Despite being able to hand the guns in anonymously, if they are found to be connected with any previous crimes then those who handed them in would be prosecuted.

The weapon surrender has had huge success when previously undergone, however when conducting research into Colchester’s crime rate, there is evidence to suggest that the total of incidents involving possession of weapons is minute.

Thanks to the College of Policing Limited, records show that during the period between May-October 2017 the number of crimes had reached 2,774. Despite this figure only 17 were for possession of weapons, whilst there had been 726 incidents involving theft.

Graph for crimes in colchester
Colchester crime rate compared with Wivenhoe

A very disturbing figure however is the number of violence and sexual assaults that had taken place between the period of 6 months. A staggering 656 incidents had been reported to Essex Police during this time.

Due to these figures, the probabilities of these incidents occurring to you have been calculated. The Office for National Statistics suggests a male student aged between 16 to 29 living in Colchester would be at a 2.3% risk of potentially suffering from violence, whilst the average in England was 1.7%. They would also have a 4.0% chance of being a victim to robbery and theft, despite the average in England being just 1.0%.

These figures display young males as being at more risk to falling victim to these crimes. This is due to the percentage for a young female being at 0.8% risk for violence and 1.2% for robbery and theft.

Therefore, these figures can justify just how necessary it is for police to put on the two-week weapon surrender in an attempt to reduce the crime not just only in Colchester but for across the UK.

pie charts for crime in colchester
Wivenhoe crime rate
Colchester crime rate



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