Tottenham’s wasted opportunity

There were great expectations for Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday when they welcomed  current Serie A champions Juventus.

The first leg witnessed Tottenham leaving with a 2-2 draw following the side going 2-0 down within the early stages of the first half. Harry Kane was able to bring his side back in to the game when he scored just before the half time period, leaving the side to find a goal in the second half.

This allowed Tottenham to walk into the second leg knowing that a 1-1 draw or more would secure their place into the quarter final stages of the competition.

Within the first half Son had secured a 1-0 lead with his sliced shot that marginally escaped the grasps of Bouffon. However, within the space of just under 3 minutes during the second half, Tottenham’s defence switched off on two occasions, resulting in them trailing 2-1.

Juventus striker Higuain only needed one shot on target for his to demonstrate his finishing capabilities. The second came from the young Dybala, who converted a one on one after escaping from the Tottenham defenders.

Tottenham showed signs of rescuing the game with Kanes header bouncing off of the line following the ball hitting the underside of the bar. However it was too little too late and Juventus left Wembley with the win.

You cant help thinking that this was a missed opportunity for Spurs. It would have been their furthest they had gone in european competitions since 1984.




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